Mixed by Ahmad Huzaini

Curiosity Is The Engine Of Achievement.

A true music fan which has deep roots in the Malaysian music community, Huzai’s approach on producing and audio engineering is based on his passion for music.

As a producer who understands how artists work and record, Huzai always strives for a unique, trademark sound for each production – making him a favourite among Malaysian artists.

His achievements speak for themselves – his works for Hujan’s ‘Lonely Soldier Boy’ in 2011 and Yuna’s ‘Material’ in 2016 were both nominated as contenders for Best Engineered Album category for AIM (Anugerah Industri Muzik), Malaysia’s most prestigious music-industry award ceremony.

Proficient in digital recordings, specifically state-of-the-art and multimedia recording interfaces as well as related applications.

Highly experienced in producing, mixing and mastering audio for a myriad of Malaysian independent and major label artists such as Hujan, Masdo, Yuna, Siti Sarah, Shila Amzah, Amir Jahari, Awi Rafael and Johny Comes Lately – among many others.

Huzai was also given the trust to produce 2 seminal tribute albums – P. Ramlee (Satu Indiepretasi) and Tribute to Sudirman, both homages to legendary Malaysian musicians.

Practices fast turn around time yet still intricate in his production, Huzai always maintains a solid relationship with the artists and clients he works with.

Extensive experience working with artists and producing music from film soundtracks to jingles.

Always looking for opportunities to expand knowledge and experience with new studio settings, latest developments in audio technology and an international clientele.

Mixed by Ahmad Huzaini

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